About me

Matthew Lew portrait

I am an Associate Professor in the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. My broad research interest is in the development of optical tools for biology and medicine.

During my undergraduate years at Caltech, I worked in the Biophotonics Laboratory under Prof. Changhuei Yang creating a lensless camera chip capable of phase imaging and wavefront sensing.

For my doctoral research in the Moerner Lab at Stanford University, I designed microscopes and computational tools for three-dimensional super-resolution imaging of single fluorescent molecules. I also simultaneously measured the orientation and 3D position of single molecules for the first time, designed an introductory optics course for undergraduates, chaired the Stanford University Photonics Retreat, and served as co-president of the Stanford Optical Society.

After earning my PhD, I was a Postdoctoral Scholar in the de la Zerda group in the Stanford University School of Medcine. There, I developed instrumentation to detect biomolecules within living animals.

Outside of lab, I enjoy cooking with my wife, watching Stanford football and Spurs basketball, escaping from science to play music from time to time, and photography.

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