SUPR 5 Program Committee
 SUPR 5 Program Committee


Between taking courses and the day-to-day routine in lab, one can easily overlook the people working just across the hall or in the building next door. I've had the pleasure of collaborating with, meeting, and benefitting from the work of extraordinary colleagues during my undergraduate and graduate careers at Caltech and Stanford. Here are some of my attempts to give back to those communities.

Stanford Optical Society Co-President

During the 2013-2014 school year, I served as co-president of the Stanford Optical Society, a student chapter of OSA and SPIE. I had a great experience organizing a leadership group of 25 students across 4 committees, interacting with officials from our parent societies, meeting student leaders from other chapters, and facilitating connections within the Stanford optics community. Read

Stanford University Photonics Retreat Chair

The Stanford Optical Society runs a yearly retreat to unite optics researchers from different departments together for a weekend program of guest speakers, professional workshops, expert panels, and networking. I've had the pleasure of participating in, organizing, and being the program chair of the Stanford University Photonics Retreat. Read